Zoiner Tejada

CEO and Architect, Solliance

Zoiner Tejada has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry as a software architect, CTO, and start-up CEO, with particular expertise in cloud computing, big data, analytics, and machine learning. Beyond managing Solliance, a Microsoft Preferred Partner for Data + AI, Zoiner spends much of his time leading an expert team of data scientists and data engineers building sophisticated data pipelines for advanced analytics, capturing the best practices and learnings which the team delivers in trainings and hackathons to all sizes of customers. He was among the first to receive a Microsoft Azure MVP (“Most Valuable Professional”) designation and has since been awarded the MVP for seven consecutive years, including a dual MVP award for Azure and Data Platform. Additionally, he is recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Regional Director.

My Sessions

Becoming an AI Developer

Room B

What does it mean to “do” AI? Have you ever wondered how companies go about building solutions with AI and what it’s like to be a developer on such a team? Come to this session to learn about the AI spectrum and range of ways you, the developer, should participate in the process. Learn how […]


Workshop: Deep Learning for Developers Hands-On


Deep learning is at the center of many exciting application innovations, and yet deep learning is also a way you can safely upgrade your existing applications with powerful new capabilities. This hands-on workshop is not about extremely forward looking innovation with deep learners that will take many years and specialized experts to create- it is […]