Adrienne Tacke

Filipina Software Engineer & Published Author that believes knowledge is power

Alan Smith

Azure Developer, Active Solution

Alexandra White

Technical Writer at Google

Andreas Wänqvist

Senior Software Engineer, Voyado

Arthur Doler

Senior Software Developer at Aviture

Barry O'Reilly

CEO/Founder at Black Tulip Technology

Bart De Smet

Principal Software Development Engineer

Bill Dinger

Senior Technical Lead, Ameritas

Chris Klug

Developer Badass-as-a-Service

Christina Aldan

Forward • Positive • Creative

Ciprian Jichici

AI and Quantum geek

Daniel Franzén

DevOps and Digital Transformation Evangelist at Bustard

Daniel Hindrikes

App Innovation Developer

Daniel Saidi

iOS & Mobile Architecture Lead at BookBeat

Daron Yöndem


David Neal

Ambassador of Awesome

Dror Helper

Consultant and Software Architect

Dylan Beattie

The one in the hat

Enrico Campidoglio

Freelance Programmer and Trainer

Esteban Garcia

New Signature

Gabby Spurling

Architect and Technology Director at VMLY&R

Gill Cleeren

.NET Solution Architect

Glenn F. Henriksen

Cloud wizard

Hannes Lowette

Competence Coach .NET @ Axxes

Heather Downing

Coder. Entrepreneur. Passionate for the impossible

Irina Scurtu

Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer

Jaime Gonzalez Garcia

Software Engineer, Google

Jakob Ehn

Doing cloudy DevOps things at Active Solution

Jay Harris

Problem Solver at Arana Software

Jeffrey Strauss

Technical Advisor • Community Leader • Problem Solver

Jemima Abu

Front End Developer

Jennifer Wadella

Founder, Kansas City Women in Technology

Jimmy Bogard

Chief Architect, Headspring

John Alexander

Sr. Content Developer / Docs Lead, ML.NET - Microsoft

Jonathan Mills

JavaScript Guy

Karl-Henrik Nilsson

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Laurent Bugnion

Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate

Lemon 🍋

Does things to the internet. The internet does things to him as well

Marcia Villalba

AWS Technical Evangelist

Marius Zaharia

Azure Tech Lead, Société Générale. Azure MVP & Advisor

Maxim Salnikov

Azure Developer Technical Lead

Mike Martin

Dad, Husband, Geek, NumberGirl, msft technical evangelist, #Azure Lover and ex MVP, wall crawler, #Batman fan, Caring Community Member

Rachel Appel

Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Randall Degges

chief h4x0r

Randy Shoup

Engineering Leader

Roland Guijt

Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author, ASP.NET insider

Ronald Harmsen

Entrepreneur in Software Development

Roy Osherove

The People side of Agility

Sjoukje Zaal

Managing Consultant | Microsoft Cloud Architect | Microsoft Azure MVP

Tim Huckaby

InterKnowlogy / VSBLTY, Founder / CTO, MSFT Global RD & MVP (AI)

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