Thomas Endres

Managing Partner, TNG Technology Consulting GmbH

Get to know Thomas Endres

Thomas Endres is a Managing Partner for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich. Besides his normal work for the company and the management of the customers he is creating various prototypes, he and the the Innovation Hacking Team develop various prototypes, including an Augmented Reality application that displays the world from an artist's perspective, real-time deepfakes, or an AI for generating presentations.

He works on applications in the field of AR/VR, AI, and gesture control to e.g. autonomously fly quadcopters or control them without physical contact. Furthermore, he is involved in various Open Source projects.

Thomas studied computer science at TU Munich and is a passionate software developer. As an Intel Software Innovator and Black Belt, he presents new technologies such as AI, AR/VR, and robotics worldwide. For this, he has received awards including a JavaOne Rockstar Award and several Best Speaker Awards.


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