Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you for two amazing days, DevSummers! And a BIG thanks to all the speakers and partners. We really hope to see you IRL at DevSum 2022.

During DevSum we focus on the latest trends and technologies within development.

Guest? Potential Sponsor? Questions? Get in touch.

<Some of the Speakers at DevSum 2021>

Kevlin Henney

Independent consultant, trainer, reviewer and writer

Christina Aldan

Forward • Positive • Creative

Maarten Balliauw

.NET and web. Works at JetBrains

Matthew Renze

Data Science Consultant

Leonard Lobel

CTO, Sleek Technologies, Inc.

Eickhel Mendoza

Team Lead @ Intelequia

Irina Scurtu

Microsoft MVP, Software Architect

Jimmy Engström

Windows Development MVP

Dylan Beattie

The one in the hat

Chris Klug

Developer Badass-as-a-Service at Active Solution

Glenn F. Henriksen

Cloud wizard

Sebastian Nilsson

Developing great ideas into solutions with value – from thought to result

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