John Alexander

Sr. Machine Teaching Advocate - Microsoft

John is a Sr. Machine Teaching Advocate on the Microsoft Project Bonsai team. He sat in Kirk's Chair on the bridge, recorded cartoon pilots as part of a voice ensemble cast, is the co-creator of the "Geek" t-shirt (found at most Microsoft conferences), and was Facebook friends with Patrick Swayze.

John has a passion for designing and building accessible experiences using machine learning coupled with vision, voice, touch, and virtual/mixed reality.

In a previous life, He was the co-founder of a digital agency and consultancy, and also had the honor of being a Microsoft Regional Director for 19 years.

In the previous, previous life before that, John co-founded the largest technical blogging community in the world, Geekswithblogs.Net, before selling it several years ago. He also built music chart applications for Billboard Magazine used by "American Top 40", and architected a highly scalable Mutual Funds Trading SOA-based platform used non-stop the last 15 years to process billions of dollars in transactions.

A trainer since 1996, with 26 Microsoft product certifications, he’s coached several teams of developers, leading one directly responsible for earning their organization a spot on CIO Magazine’s “Agile 100” list. He’s co-authored three best-selling technical books and Microsoft Official Curriculum.

John has also co-hosted two technical focused podcasts, and is gearing up on a third. He speaks regularly at conferences and is the co-founder of Kansas City .NET Meetup and KC Windows Mixed Reality meetup (now part of KC Virtual Reality).

Based in Kansas City, Missouri USA, John loves to paint, draw, game, do voiceovers, and spend time with his spouse and three children on all sorts of adventures.

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