General Terms and Conditions 

Invoicing and payment terms 

The payment term for invoices is 30 days. The course fee must be paid before the start of the course. Late payment interest is charged at two percentage points per month on any outstanding payment from and including 30 days after the invoice date until full payment is made. All prices exclude VAT. 

Cancellation and rebooking 

Scheduled and internal company training 

Our cancellation and rebooking rules are based on the guidelines set by Almega Utbildningsföretagen, the association of private education providers (formerly SAUF). 

  • The course booking is binding for the participant’s company as soon as we have accepted the booking and sent confirmation that the participant has been admitted onto the course. 
  • Cancellations and rebookings must be made during office hours (9:00–17:00 CET) to, ideally with a copy sent to your sales contact. 
  • Cancellation and rebooking is free of charge up to 20 working days before the start of the course. 
  • Cancellations of scheduled training made after that but no later than the 11th working day before the start of the course are charged at 50%. After this the whole course fee is charged. 
  • If the participant is prevented from attending, the course place may be transferred to another person in the same company after consulting with us. 

If the course is paid for using a prepaid card, the above-mentioned cancellation rules apply. If a cancellation or rebooking is made 4–2 weeks prior to the start of the course, the cost will be rounded up.  


The same cancellation rules apply to events and seminars with registration fees as to courses. With free events, we reserve the right to charge a SEK 300 cancellation fee for variable expenses. 

Interruptions to training and limitation of liability 

If for whatever reason, Cornerstone has to cancel a course or a event before it starts, the client is entitled to choose between a refund of the fee paid or using the fee as credit towards future training. The client has the right to choose between a refund of the course or event fee based on the number of unused days of the course or receiving the equivalent amount in credit towards future training. The course or the event fee per day is calculated by dividing the total course or event fee by the total number of training days. No additional compensation shall be paid. 

Digital course material 

Cornerstone primarily uses digital course material, which may not be copied or distributed. The platform for the material may vary from subject to subject, depending on what options are offered by the copyright holder. Similarly, terms and conditions may vary, as well as change over time, due to decisions made by the copyright holder over which Cornerstone has no control. 


When booking an event or course, you agree to be contacted by Cornerstone by e-mail or phone for information about Cornerstone’s offering.  

Copyright and privacy 

Cornerstone owns and manages the rights to the training material, which may not be copied or distributed. Digital courses may not be recorded unless agreed in writing in advance. 

Personal data 

Read more about how we process your personal data in our  Privacy Policy. 

Limited-time offers 

Unless otherwise stated, offers may not be combined with other offers or discounts.  


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