Nicolai Parlog

Java developer

Nicolai is a thirty-year-old boy, as the narrator would put it (if he’s generous), who has found his passion in software development (mostly Java) and who codes for a living as well as for fun.
He also blogs, writes, newsletters, speaks, chats, records, streams, trains, and consults about it – not all at the same time, but in prolific fits and starts with high throughput and long latencies. His home is at codefx.org.

My Sessions

Lambdas And Streams For Aficionados


By now Java 8’s features are well understood. But best practices are still forming. Did you ever wonder … * … how to create a “lambda-enabled” API? * … whether your methods should return or even accept streams and how that might impact your design? * … how to write readable stream pipelines, especially when […]


To JAR Hell And Back – A Live Migration to Java 11


I’m sure you’ve heard about compatibility issues with upgrading to Java 9 and beyond, but did you try it yourself yet? This live coding session starts with a typical Java 8 application and runs up against and eventually overcomes the common hurdles: build system configuration dependency analysis with `jdeps` dependencies on internal APIs and Java […]


Workshop: JUnit 5: Next Generation Testing on the JVM


Java’s most ubiquitous library got an update! This course will teach you how to… write simple tests with JUnit 5 organize tests by nesting them parameterize and parallelize tests target tests at different operating systems and Java versions extend JUnit 5 to fit your requirements run JUnit 4 and JUnit 5 tests side by side […]