Nicolai Parlog

Java developer

Nicolai is a thirty-year-old boy, as the narrator would put it (if he’s generous), who has found his passion in software development (mostly Java) and who codes for a living as well as for fun.
He also blogs, writes, newsletters, speaks, chats, records, streams, trains, and consults about it – not all at the same time, but in prolific fits and starts with high throughput and long latencies. His home is at codefx.org.

My Sessions

To JAR Hell And Back – A Live Migration to Java 11

Folkets Hus

I’m sure you’ve heard about compatibility issues with upgrading to Java 9 and beyond, but did you try it yourself yet? This live coding session starts with a typical Java 8 application and runs up against and eventually overcomes the common hurdles: build system configuration dependency analysis with `jdeps` dependencies on internal APIs and Java […]


Workshop: JUnit 5: Next Generation Testing on the JVM


Java’s most ubiquitous library got an update! This course will teach you how to… write simple tests with JUnit 5 organize tests by nesting them parameterize and parallelize tests target tests at different operating systems and Java versions extend JUnit 5 to fit your requirements run JUnit 4 and JUnit 5 tests side by side […]