Nyaradzai Samushonga

I ask questions...sometimes I get to good answers

Nyari is a Founder and Director of FoldLeft, a digital consultancy that uses hypothesis driven models to design and deliver impactful software solutions in enterprises.


Her expertise lies in bridging the divide between business executives and tech innovators to maximise the value of software.


She is also the Managing Director of WeThinkCode_ a tuition free education institute that is teaching Africa’s youth to solve problems using code.


She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

My Sessions

Closing Keynote: Bring back our silos

Room A + B

To solve big and complex problems it helps to break them into smaller manageable pieces. Much of agile technical practices and process methodology is concerned with establishing a body of tried and tested pathways to achieve modularity. The very premise of autonomous teams pre-supposes that there are separate parts of a solution that can be […]