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Michael Staib - ChilliCream

Michael is a Microsoft MVP and the author of the Hot Chocolate project (https://github.com/ChilliCream/hotchocolate), a platform for building GraphQL servers and clients in .NET. For the last three years, this open-source project is his main focus.

Apart from his work in the open-source community, Michael works as a consultant to help companies to move to GraphQL. You can read about the Hot Chocolate project on his blog https://chillicream.com/blog/.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/michael_staib
GitHub: https://github.com/michaelstaib
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-staib-31519571/
MVP: https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/PublicProfile/5003672

My sessions

27 May 2021 3:40 PM -
4:30 PM

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