Pre-Conference Workshop: Building Blazor Web Apps in .NET 8 with Carl Franklin

Kistamässan May 15, 2024, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Carl Franklin

MVP, Co-host of .NET Rocks! podcast, Executive VP of App vNext.

.NET 8 changes everything for Blazor developers. Get a jump start to this new technology in this intensive 1-day workshop.

At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Blazor Then and Now
  • Blazor Server vs WebAssembly
  • WebAssembly Under the Hood
  • Render Modes and Interactivity Locations
  • Anatomy of Blazor Web App Projects
  • Configuration & Dependency Injection
  • Layout, Routing, and Navigation
  • Blazor Component Lifecycle
  • Binding and Event Handling
  • Input Validation
  • Hot Reloading
  • Modal Dialogs
  • Application State
  • Persisting App State
  • JavaScript Interop
  • Toast Notifications
  • Using SignalR
  • Data Access using Repository Pattern
  • Entity Framework vs Dapper
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Role-Based Authorization with ASP.NET Identity
  • Web API vs gRPC
  • Streaming with IAsyncEnumerable
  • Localization

Who should attend

Those seeking to increase team focus, enhance strategic alignment and improve agile working will benefit from this workshop. This typically includes Product, Project and other Managers, together with agile specific roles such as Product Owner, Agile Coach and Scrum Master. Senior technical staff will all benefit too by understanding their role in the process.

About Carl Franklin

Carl Franklin is Executive Vice President of App vNext, a software development firm focused on the latest methodologies and technologies. Carl is a 20+ year veteran of the software industry, co-host and founder of .NET Rocks!, the first and most widely listened to podcast for .NET developers, He is also a Microsoft MVP, host of the BlazorTrain YouTube series (, and Senior Executive of Pwop Studios, a full-service audio and video production/post production studio located in Southeastern Connecticut.

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To be able to develop along with Carl, you must bring a decently powered Windows laptop with the latest version of Visual Studio. We do not use Visual Studio Code in this workshop.

Web and Frontend .NET Programming languages

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