Build industrial autonomous systems with reinforcement learning

Online May 28, 2020, 4:20 PM - 5:10 PM

John Alexander

Sr. Content Developer / Docs Lead, ML.NET - Microsoft

Want to start playing with and learning more about reinforcement learning and machine teaching? The recent use of advanced AI to “solve” vintage Atari video games, classic boardgames of Go and backgammon, and modern team-based games of Dota and Starcraft has put reinforcement learning (RL) into the spotlight. At its core, RL is about learning behavior in complex, dynamic environments. Beyond the realm of gaming, Microsoft is extending RL with machine teaching, in order to make the RL accessible to subject matter experts, and to champion an approach for RL in the real-world.

Learn about the autonomous systems platform with real-world case studies showing the techniques used to improve the performance of high value applications in the areas of electronics manufacturing, chemical process control, and building automation systems. Join us for a hands-on tour of the platform, with practical coding demos and examples.

AI & Machine Learning

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