Workshop: Deep Learning for Developers Hands-On


Deep learning is at the center of many exciting application innovations, and yet deep learning is also a way you can safely upgrade your existing applications with powerful new capabilities. This hands-on workshop is not about extremely forward looking innovation with deep learners that will take many years and specialized experts to create- it is not about creating the next self-driving car or champion level video game playing agent.

This workshop IS about the innovations that you, the enterprise developer, can add to your applications today by learning just a few techniques and by having the confidence gained by knowing how such techniques are applied. Most enterprises have challenges with three kinds of data: structured data (think databases and time series), text and images or video. These are all data types for which deep learning has practical uses you can apply today. In this workshop you will train, evaluate and deploy deep learning models in Azure for each of these three data types, show casing techniques for text analytics/mining, computer vision and forecasting. These are fundamental techniques you will be able to apply to your applications after attending this workshop. So sign-up, come with your fully charged laptop and let’s get some innovation tackled together.

Requirements: Bring your fully charged laptop with a modern web browser installed and your curiosity!

22nd May 2019 in Kista – Book a 3 day ticket and join the workshop!