Pre-Conf Workshop: From localhost to production: Managing your code with Azure DevOps with Jay Harris

Kista May 27, 2020, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Jay Harris

Problem Solver at Arana Software

Your code compiles. Your unit tests pass. Your website works on localhost. But “It works on my machine” does not get your site deployed to your production environment. Azure DevOps can handle much of the process of between localhost and production.

Continuous Integration can build and test your application, release workflows can automate your deployments to test and production environments, and everything can be customized to employ manual interaction and gatekeeping for quality control and human oversight. Getting your application to production does not need to be an invasive, manual process. Learn to use the strength of Azure DevOps to manage your path to Production.

Notes and comments

Learning Objectives:

  • An introduction to Continuous Integration and Azure DevOps.
  • An introduction to builds and continuous integration using Azure DevOps.
  • An introduction to release management and automated deployments using Azure DevOps.


  • An introduction to Continuous Integration and Azure DevOps.
  • Building a basic continuous integration pipeline.
  • Extending continuous integration for unit testing.
  • Considering source control branches, pull requests, and build quality.
  • Artifacts: Handling compiler output.
  • Building a basic continuous deployment pipeline.
  • Extending the deployment pipeline through additional environments.
  • Gatekeeping; When automated systems need conditional approval.


  • An Azure DevOps account (includes active, free trial accounts)
  • A active GitHub account.
System Development DevOps Azure Microsoft

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