Learnk8s helps you get started on your Kubernetes journey through comprehensive online, in person or remote training.

Kubernetes is particularly well known for having a steep learning curve.

It's a new technology, and best practices are changing at a fast pace.

How do you quickly get up to speed when everything around it is moving so fast?

At Learnk8s, we have the best resources to master Kubernetes:

  • Join our instructor-led, hands-on courses designed to get you from zero to a Kubernetes expert quickly with the help of labs, up to date material & whiteboard exercises.
  • Learn best practices and common pitfall of deploying and scaling apps in Kubernetes with the Learnk8s' online courses.

Our trainers have industry experience and are happy to answer any specific questions you might have on running Kubernetes in production.

Kube Events

Kube events aggregates and curates all Kubernetes events happening around you and online such as meet-ups, webinars, conferences and training.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a website where you could see all upcoming Kubernetes events such as meetups, webinars, training and conferences?

Kube Events is a curated list of Kubernetes-related events.

Every day the team at Learnk8s browse the internet for interesting events (e.g. webinars, meetups, conferences, training) and list them on Kube Events.

And every day, you can receive timely

notification of all the Kubernetes events happening in the next 24 hours or this week!

Kube Careers

Kube Careers is the Kubernetes job board where you can find curated jobs with clear salary ranges, and apply directly to companies.

Kube Careers it the job board for Kubernetes focused jobs. Here is what you can expect:

  • Clear salary ranges. So you know when it's worth applying.

  • Only Kubernetes jobs. Have you ever found those pesky job ads that mention

    Kubernetes, but you end up working on 100% legacy codebase. Well, we don't list those.
  • Honest job ads. For every job we ask ourselves, "is this something I'd be happy to apply to?". If it passes the test, you list it.


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