Orchestration vs. Choreography: The good, the bad, and the trade-offs

M12 May 17, 2024, 11:30 AM - 12:20 PM

Laila Bougria

Software Engineer at Particular Software, speaker and knitting addict.

One of the goals of building microservice-based architectures is to reduce the complexity of individual components. In doing so, some of that complexity shifts from individual services towards interservice communication. You may have bumped into the terms orchestration and choreography in your research on the topic. While the web offers a vast range of articles that carefully outline the pros and cons of each pattern, the real challenge is left to the reader: deciphering which pattern best fits your specific use case by understanding which arguments apply to your use case and weighing only the relevant ones in your decision.

In this session, we’ll dive more deeply into each pattern and thoroughly examine what problem each pattern aims to address. This will help us build a mental framework to make well-balanced decisions about when to use each pattern, including switching from one pattern to the other. Join me in this session, where we’ll transform the abstract concepts of orchestration and choreography into a tangible decision-making framework that steers you in the right direction!


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