Scott Hunter

I work at Microsoft on Visual Studio and .NET

Scott Hunter is responsible for the Microsoft’s .NET platform, which includes the .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, .NET Tools, Web Tools and the managed languages (C#, F# and VB). Prior to leading the .NET Platform, Hunter helped the Azure Developer Experience team build the Azure SDK’s, App Service Tooling, Azure Redis Cache, Azure API Management, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and the Web Tooling. In his spare time he loves hiking mountains in Washington State and around the world.

Mega Session

Mega Session: .NET Core 3, Machine Learning, Big Data and the future of .NET

Room A + B

.NET Core 3 is the next major version of .NET which expands .NET Core to the desktop. For web there is Blazor for client side .NET, gRPC and Microservice projects. ML.NET brings machine learning to .NET and now includes new tools to make it easy to use. .NET is also expanding to big data. And […]