Sander Molenkamp

Principal Cloud Architect @ Info Support

Sander Molenkamp is Cloud Solution Architect at Info Support. He has been helping customers designing and developing solutions using Microsoft technology since 1999 and has a passion for cloud native architectures. He’s a Microsoft Azure MVP and co-organizer of the Dutch Azure Meetup. At Info Support, Sander is a Microsoft Competence Center lead, where amongst other things he enjoys hosting the dotnetFlix podcast.


Blog: amolenk.wordpress.com/

My session and workshop

Practical CQRS and Event Sourcing on Azure

Room B

CQRS and Event Sourcing are both popular patterns that at the same time can be quiet overwhelming. CQRS, or Command and Query Responsibility Segregation is a pattern in which you use different models for reads and writes. This separation enables you to better optimize both models as well as scaling them independently. CQRS is often […]

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