Ronald Harmsen

Cloud architect

Ronald has been active in professional software development since the mid-90s and has worked on lots of different projects and technologies ranging from embedded systems to very large scale cloud solutions.


Ronald’s focus is on delivering well engineered and maintainable cloud based software, preferably by applying DDD & CQRS techniques.


When not developing Ronald consults and trains several teams in Scandinavia, UK, Netherlands & Belgium.


Blog: www.ronaldharmsen.net/

My Sessions

Building highly scalable enterprise systems on Azure

Room B

In this practical session I will show you how to design and build a highly scalable and distributed system. Combining the core architectural principles of CQRS, Event Sourcing & Actor Systems to create the design and then building it with .NET core, AKKA.NET & Docker. That’s a lot of technology right? Well, they fit very […]

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