Michael Herkommer

Michael is an independent consultant focusing on European challenges, in bringing successful ideas into working software, that makes a difference. A hardware engineer from the begining, that quickly shifted into software development and then landed in the quest of making development teams do amazing things together. Azure Advisor member, MEET alumni, speaker at numerous events (DevSum, EPiServer, TechDays, TechEd, Oredev, Developer Summit and more), Agile Coach (SM, PSD, PSM), trainer, lecturer and evangelist. He has over 25 years experience in assisting companies with SOLID web development, agile processes, testing methodologies and deployment strategies using TFS/VSTS. An avid Hackathon-fan that loves supporting the young start-up community!

Session: Docker Essentials Distilled

What can I start using and why and how, from a Microsoft .NET DevOps perspective?

During this session I will demonstrate how to get the following to run using containers; legacy .NET code, .NET Core, Database and IIS. Next you will see some real benefits of using containers for building and testing code, using Docker. Followed by the production benefits getting flexibility working with Container load balancing and seamlessly hot updating.

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