Johan Lindfors

Public Speaker, Software Engineer, and Microsoft Regional Director in Sweden

I’ve been working with Windows and Windows Phone since the early days and I’m often speaking about the platform and technologies at various events. In the middle of 2011 I founded the company Coderox, currently entirely focused on Microsoft platform with various customers and engagements, some leveraging XAML and C#, others using C++ and DirectX. Before Coderox, I worked at Microsoft in Sweden for almost 13 years, and have also been the head of development at Infozone.


I’ve also been nominated and accepted into the Microsoft Regional Director program thanks to my experience in cross platform client development and prior customer and speaking engagements.

My Sessions

Building modern apps with C++/WinRT


Microsoft have released a standard C++ language projection of the Windows Runtime with C++/WinRT and it’s implemented entirely in header files. With it developers can consume the WinRT APIs using and standards-compliant C++ compiler. It can also be leveraged to build amazing apps with XAML and patterns developers are used to in the managed world. […]

.NET Web and Frontend