Edwin van Wijk

Principal Software Architect at Info Support & Microsoft MVP

I’ve been working in IT since 1999 and I’m currently working as Principal Software Architect and Microsoft Competence Center lead at Info Support in The Netherlands.


I’m a Microsoft MVP in the Developer Technologies category.


My primary areas of expertise are: building distributed systems, systems integration, (web-scale) software architecture and patterns, software craftsmanship, .NET (Core) development, Azure and DevOps. I like sharing my knowledge about these subjects by publishing videos and speaking on events.

My Sessions and Workshop

Building IoT solutions using Azure IoT Edge

Folkets Hus

Azure IoT Edge is a service that enables you to build distributed IoT solutions that leverage “edge” devices. The IoT Edge runtime uses the power of containerization with Docker to run Machine Learning jobs, Stream Analytics jobs, Azure functions or custom code on edge devices like a PC, a Raspberry Pi, a robot or a […]

Azure IoT

Workshop: Building Awesome 8-bit Adventure Games with Microsoft Bot Framework v4


The Microsoft Bot Framework helps you create intelligent bots to naturally interact with your users over various channels, such as websites, Cortana and Skype. But you can create even more interesting scenarios! Being big fans of both bots and classic 8-bit point-and-click adventure games, we wanted to see if we could build such a game […]