Dylan Beattie

The one in the hat.

Dylan wrote his first web page in 1992 and never looked back. He’s been building data-driven web applications since the late 1990s, and has worked on everything from tiny standalone websites to complex distributed systems. He’s the CTO at Skills Matter in London, he’s a Microsoft MVP, and he’s a regular speaker at conferences and user groups, where he’s spoken about topics from continuous delivery and Conway’s Law to the history of the web, federated authentication and hypermedia APIs. When he’s not wrangling code, Dylan plays guitar and writes songs about code. He’s online at www.dylanbeattie.net and on Twitter as @dylanbeattie.

My Sessions

Culture, Code and Karaoke : Analogue Leadership in a Digital Age

Room C

In modern software development, we are spoilt for choice with job titles. Leaders. Experts. Managers. Mentors. Analysts. Seniors, architects, product owners, tech leads, founders, executives… In this talk Dylan uncovers the differences between experience and expertise, what seniority really means in an industry that is constantly redefining itself, and what all this has to do […]

People, teams and collaboration