Chris Klug

Developer Badass-as-a-Service

Chris Klug is a developer badass-as-a-service that either creates or solves problems depending on who you ask. He loves creating and building things. Whether it be a new application, a new kitchen or a new RC helicopter, you will see him building things all the time. Most of the time, that means writing code and solving problems for clients at a company called Active Solution in Stockholm though. Except for the many days he spends at conferences and usergroups, talking about doing things he is passionate about, and for the days he goes mountain biking, IPSC shooting, kiteboarding or RC helicopter flying.


For the last 15-something years, he has been solving problems for customers, and loving it. But if he gets to choose, he’ll go to the beach and kitesurf every day!


blog: chris.59north.com/

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Let’s talk patterns

Room A

At some point in your life, you start realizing that re-inventing the wheel isn’t the best way to spend your time. Especially since Bob Wheel Sr. perfected that invention many, many years ago. And it’s the same with software. Smart people have already encountered a lot of the problems that we face every day while […]

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