Workshop: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Workshop for .NET and Azure Developers



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have been evolving with a rapid pace over the past few years. Microsoft is now investing heavily in the development of ML and AI technologies. ML.NET provides developers with a framework allowing then to develop applications and systems using machine learning algorithms. The Microsoft Azure platform offers the Azure Machine Learning services, targeted at data scientists, and Conative Services, allowing developers to perform a wide variety of AI based tasks like text, image and voice analysis through simple SDKs or REST-calls.

In this one-day hands on workshop you will get your hands on the latest machine learning technologies that Microsoft .NET and Azure has to offer. You will have the chance to focus on one or more of these technologies in the form of guided hands-on labs and challenge exercises. These will range from using Azure Machine Learning for data science experiments to programming algorithms to optimize 3D physics simulations. Some of the labs will leverage the Unity 3D game engine, however the development tasks will always be C# focused.

You will have the choice of exploring one or more of the following technologies.
• Implementing genetic algorithms.
• Programming with neural networks.
• Developing with ML.NET.
• Developing with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services
• Creating Experiments with Azure Machine Learning

An understanding of C# and .NET is required for all of the topics, with the exception of Azure Machine Learning. No experience of artificial intelligence or machine learning is required, but there will be challenges available for attendees who already have basic knowledge of those technologies.