Workshop: Modern distributed systems with gRPC in ASP.NET Core 6 with Mark Rendle

Kista May 18, 2022, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mark Rendle

Chief Everything Officer

gRPC is a high-performance, cross-platform framework for building distributed systems and APIs. It’s an ideal choice for communication between microservices, internal network applications, or mobile devices and services. With the release of ASP.NET Core 6, Microsoft has added first-class support for creating gRPC services. This workshop will help you get started building gRPC servers and clients on multiple platforms.

Technologies covered

ASP.NET Core 6, gRPC, Protobuf, Visual Studio, .NET CLI


Introduction to Protobuf and gRPC
gRPC in ASP.NET Core 6
gRPC servers
gRPC clients
Request/Reply services
Streaming services
Bidirectional streaming


Attendees will be expected to be familiar with .NET and C#.


Web and Frontend Architecture

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