Perfecting the the Cheetos Puff: Teaching Industrial Autonomous Systems

B May 19, 2022, 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM

John Alexander

Sr. Machine Teaching Advocate - Microsoft

How can an industrial system create the perfect Cheetos Puff by itself? By teaching the system!
How do you teach an industrial system? With 3 ingredients: simulation, domain expertise, an AI engine.

Please join us for a walkthrough of Project Bonsai, a low-code AI development platform that uses “machine teaching” which helps self-learning AI systems master tasks using the knowledge and skill of the system operators. Learn how Project Bonsai enables engineers to build complex industrial control systems without data science expertise. Explore real-world case studies showing the techniques used to improve the performance of high value applications in the areas of industrial robotics, motion control, yield optimization, process control, smart buildings, and of course, the perfect Cheetos Puff!

AI & Machine Learning

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