Workshop: The Web vNext – A guide to modern effective web development, from TypeScript to ASP.NET Core and Azure – Jakob Ehn, Robert Folkesson and Peter Örneholm

Back in 1990 Tim Berners Lee created the first web application, an informational page with some text and a few links. Since that day the web has moved forward at an exceptional speed, leading up to the modern advanced web applications that we today take for granted. This fast pace of development makes for a very exciting area of work, but it also requires us as web developers to keep up with all the new technologies.

TypeScript, Gulp, Bower, Azure, ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio Team Services are just a few of the technologies and services that should be a part of your toolbox for building the applications that your customers are expecting.

During this day Robert Folkesson, Jakob Ehn and Peter Örneholm will guide you through building an ASP.NET Core web application, using services in Microsoft Azure such as Web Apps, Storage and CDN. We will also use Visual Studio Team Services to build, package and deploy our web application to both test and production environments. We will mix presentations with hands-on labs, giving you a complete overview of what you should know to be able to build a modern web application.

This workshop is relevant for anyone working with web development on the Microsoft stack and wants to refresh their knowledge of the latest techniques and methodologies. You should have a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET and C# to gain as much as possible from this day.


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