Workshop: Office 365 for Developers – Sahil Malik

Office 365 offers an amazing set of functionality that can be both integrated in your applications, and your applications can surface inside it. This is where you the developer comes in.

In this workshop you will learn how to extend Office 365, how to integrate current on-prem or cloud based applications in Office 365, and all sorts of practical advice and guidance that will take you to the next level in your Office dev journey.

This workshop will cover the following topics,

  • An overview of Office 365 dev
  • A brief look at the Add-in model
  • Azure AD for developers
  • Modern dev components
  • Microsoft flow and powerapps for developers
  • PnP: because Sharing is Caring
  • JavaScript injection techniques and noscript
  • Modern Team Sites and Groups
  • SharePoint Framework

By the end of this workshop you’ll understand all the dev scenarios Office 365 offers, and will be able to make the right recommendations for the right problems.

Level: 200

Pre Requisites: ASPNET 4x, C#, JavaScript and some familiarity with TypeScript

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