Vicenç García

Vicenç García

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Vicenç is a software developer interested in helping teams deliver better software, usually with a mixture of Continuous Delivery, Kanban, sweets and smiles. He worked as a consultant in companies like Plain Concepts, Valtech and ThoughtWorks and now is helping River Island on delivering an amazing experience to its costumers. He likes to speak at conferences and user groups and to improve his skills a bit every day.

Session: Operational Serverless, the basics

Starting working with Serverless is damn easy. You can even write the code and publish it from your browser! But it’s not a very good idea to have an application in production developed in that way. In this talk, we will explore some basic techniques to have an operational Serverless application. We will see how you can test, CI/CD, log, monitor, manage configuration, store secrets and more.

The session will be platform, framework and language agnostic but the examples will be provided using AWS Lambdas, the Serverless framework and Javascript.

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