Scott Brady

Scott Brady

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Scott Brady is a software developer and Pluralsight author specialising in identity and access management. Focusing on ASP.NET, Scott has increasingly found himself in undocumented territory, piecing together the facts and attempting to pass them on so that others don’t have to go through the same. Scott currently works as the Identity & Access Control Lead for Rock Solid Knowledge, European Commercial Partners of the IdentityServer project, the leading OpenID Connect and OAuth framework for .NET.

Workshop: ”Auth Vader: You are unwise to lower your defences!” – Modern Authentication using IdentityServer 4 and ASP.NET Core

A whirlwind tour of claims-based identity, access control, OAuth, and OpenID Connect. In this workshop you’ll get hands on with implementing IdentityServer 4, securing APIs, and enabling simple, scalable Single Sign On (SSO). As software developers, we work in one of the most rapidly changing industries available and in recent years this has been doubly true when dealing with security. Now we must adapt our products to release on multiple platforms, hosted on any device, anywhere in the world. To stay secure, we must take a closer look at how we handle authentication and authorization for protected resources. In this workshop, we’ll explore best practices for securing ASP.NET websites, Single Page Applications (SPAs), and native applications. We’ll be implementing some of these during the day, so be sure to bring a fully charged laptop and some snacks.

Prerequisites: Latest version of .NET Core 2.x – VS2017 or VS Code – NuGet

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