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Sam Elamin is a technical lead at JustEat as well as a Software Craftsman and DDD evangelist. Sam is interested in Big Data, Metrics Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and is currently exploring Real Time Analytics,as as well as streaming tools and frameworks like Apache Spark, Google PubSub, Kinesis, Kafka and Google Big Query.

Session: So what exactly is Big Data and what is the fuss all about?

Big Data is the new cool kid on the block, however the big powerhouses have been doing it for decades. Google, Amazon, Facebook have all utilised their wealth of knowledge to develop data driven products that are have become part of our every day lives.

Now more than ever the big data field is getting more interest and companies want to leverage their data to given them a unique selling point, this has led to a high demand for more data engineers and data scientists

So what exactly is Big Data and what is the fuss all about?

In this talk Sam Elamin will relate his real life experience working with the open source tools including Apache Spark, Kinesis and Big Query which are dealing with £100,000 worth of transactions every hour, and more importantly will also highlight the pitfalls to avoid while providing scalable and reliable big data solutions

Whether you are thinking of implementing a real time learning system for analytics or blocking fraudulent transaction to building recommendation engines or even just considering a career change into big data. This talk is for you!

Come along, and go from Big Data to Fast Data.