Ronald Harmsen

Ronald Harmsen

Ronald Harmsen



Ronald has been active in professional software development since the mid-90s and has worked on lots of different projects and technologies. Currently he mainly works with the .NET stack, Azure, Angular 2 & TypeScript. Ronald’s focus is on delivering well engineered and maintainable software, preferably by applying DDD & Eventstorming techniques.

When not developing Ronald is training developers throughout Europe in the technologies above.

Session: Full stack DDD with ASP.NET core and Angular

When you have build your state of the art software with DDD and maybe even CQRS, you probably want to build a task based UI that will map great to the businessdomain. So, how do you achieve this? When you are building a webapplication you might want to take a look at what ASP.NET core & Angular have to offer you.

During this session Ronald will show you a different perspective on building a webbased frontend applying DDD techniques from back to front, allowing you to quickly change when businessrequirements change.

Level: Intermediate-advanced