Robert Folkesson

Robert Folkesson

Robert Folkesson

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As the CTO of Active Solution Robert is responsible for the overall technical & architectural strategy and competence development in the company. As a public speaker he loves doing regular appearances at conferences like Developer Summit, TechDays and TechX – speaking about cloud computing, machine learning and architecture – among other things.

Robert is also a Microsoft Regional Director. That doesn’t mean that he works for Microsoft, but that they have recognized his knowledge and community leadership by awarding him the title.

Session: Cosmos DB – a globally distributed database in many shapes

It is obvious that Microsoft keeps pushing Cosmos DB as The Way Forward when it comes to geo-distributed, highly performant, planet scale databases.

But what does fancy attributes like “globally distributed”, “well defined consistency models” and ”multi-model database system” mean in practice for us developers?

In this demo heavy session Cosmos DB will be thoroughly examined from the ground up, and you will be shown how you can start using the different functions like global distribution of data, automatic indexing, collection partitioning and the different API:s that it supports.

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