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Peter Örneholm

Peter Örneholm



Peter Örneholm is a clever developer who loves to be on the go. He enjoy traveling around the world to share his knowledge of cloud and modern web technologies. Using the power of Azure is his passion. Peter has over 10 years of experience in Microsoft related technologies and currently works as an IT consultant at Active Solution in Stockholm.

Session: ARM Templates – The key to consistent environments in Azure

Keeping the infrastructure and configuration consistent between different environments can be a nightmare. You need to make sure that all services and servers are setup and configured in the
same way and in too many cases this is done manually, and manual steps eventually turns into inconsistency. ARM templates is here to change that.

Azure ARM templates allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template written in JSON. This enables you to take full advantage of the cloud by upgrading existing environments or creating new ones in a fast and consistent manner.

In this session we will look at the basic structure of such templates, how to use them to describe your Azure environment and how to take advantage of existing templates written by the community.

Level: Advanced

Workshop: The Web vNext – A guide to modern effective web development, from TypeScript to ASP.NET Core and Azure 

Back in 1990 Tim Berners Lee created the first web application, an informational page with some text and a few links. Since that day the web has moved forward at an exceptional speed, leading up to the modern advanced web applications that we today take for granted. This fast pace of development makes for a very exciting area of work, but it also requires us as web developers to keep up with all the new technologies. Read more about the workshop

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