Kasey Uhlenhuth

Kasey Uhlenhuth

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Kasey is a program manager on the .NET & Visual Studio team at Microsoft and is currently working to help .NET developers write better code faster.

Session: What’s New in Visual Studio for C# Developers

Visual Studio is a productivity game changer for C#! The .NET Compiler Platform (”Roslyn”) enables many new experiences that will change the way you write and debug code. In this session, we’ll dig into features that bring a new level of awesome to the C# language and IDE experience. Come learn about new language features, refactoring support, major debugging enhancements, code-aware frameworks, and much more!

Session: .NET Code Style: Code Your Way

Visual Studio 2017 allows teams and individuals to enforce and configure their own coding conventions. Come learn how you can help make your codebases consistent and readable and how you can control live code analysis to give you feedback when you want it. For those perfectionists out there, come learn how you can prevent people from checking-in code that doesn’t adhere to your team rules!

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