Johan Öbrink

Johan Öbrink

Johan Öbrink



Johan Öbrink is a Digital Strategist at Iteam. He started programming on his VIC 20 in 1982 and has since then been working in JavaScript, Java, ActionScript, C# and then some. He is an enthusiastic proponent of TDD, Continuous Delivery and all things automated and a sworn enemy of estimates and all other kinds of waste.

When not teaching, coding or speaking at conferences, he builds shitty drones and works on completing his second Swedish Classic.

Session: Everyone wants change – noone wants to change

More and more organisations decide to do Agile. They decide to implement Continuous Delivery. They decide to construct self organising teams. But the problems that these measures mean to solve linger on. Why?

The problem with change is that it cannot be achieved through decision-making. It can only be achieved by humans. And while most of us think that we want change, few of us want _to_ change.

Building on the wisdoms of Plato, Sartre and Dilbert, this talk dissects the underlying reasons for our resistance to change and how we need to alter our mind set to combat this resistance.

While the conclusions are true for all businesses, they are fundamental to IT. In the fastest moving industry on earth, you cannot afford to be stuck in your ways.