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Jakob Ehn

Jakob Ehn



Jakob has over 15 years of experience with professional software development, and currently works as a senior developer at Active Solution, specializing in Visual Studio ALM. Jakob is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP and also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger, and loves to push things like Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services to its limits.

He has published several books on the topics,  and speaks regularly at conferences and user groups, such as DevSum, Tech Days, TechX and SweNug.

At his spare time Jakob loves to hang out with his family and to cook, you can often find him hoovering in the kitchen trying out some new recipes.

Session: Test Automation – The key to continuous delivery

To be able to realize the dream about continuous delivery and DevOps we need to have test automation in place. Delivering new code often requires a safety net in the form of automated tests that catches errors before they reach production. But implementing test automation can also be expensive, it is important to focus on the right type of tests and also implement them in a way that make that as stable and maintainable as possible. Otherwise they will quickly become a burden that will make the developers starting to ignore failing tests

In this session we will look at popular framework for automated test such as NUnit, Selenium, Jasmine and Visual Studio Cloud Load Testing, and how we can run them as part of a deployment pipeline in Visual Studio Team Services.

Level: Intermediate

Workshop: The Web vNext – A guide to modern effective web development, from TypeScript to ASP.NET Core and Azure 

Back in 1990 Tim Berners Lee created the first web application, an informational page with some text and a few links. Since that day the web has moved forward at an exceptional speed, leading up to the modern advanced web applications that we today take for granted. This fast pace of development makes for a very exciting area of work, but it also requires us as web developers to keep up with all the new technologies. Read more about the workshop

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