Ibon Landa Martín

Ibon Landa Martín

Ibon Landa Martín



Ibon Landa has been involved in software development for more than 16 years. During this time, he has been employed by several companies in which he had the chance of work with a wide range of environment and technologies.

Currently he is part of Plain Concepts as advisor, mentor and coach for first line companies, focused mainly on development tasks, architecture, ALM/DevOps tools and Microsoft Azure cloud platform – area in which he has been awarded as Microsoft’s MVP.

He is co-founder of the Microsoft Basque Country user group and the Spain Cloud Computing User Group. he has been speaker in different kind of events for Microsoft, local groups or Spanish .NET groups.

Session: The power of IoT devices: Managing time-series data

Today more than ever, with increasing connected devices and massive advances in the collection of data, businesses are working hard to solve the new challenges; store time series data in a scalable way from geographically dispersed devices and solutions, real-time data exploration, get insights, correlate data…

Azure Time Series Insights solves these and many more challenges for your IoT solutions, enabling you to store and analyze hundreds of millions of your sensor data near real time with an intuitive user experience. This provides you a real business advantage in reducing the time to investigate and mitigate issues, validate, and optimize your sensors, and improve operational efficiencies.

Level: Beginner