DevSum – The best .NET conference in Sweden

This year DevSum was organized for the twelfth consecutive year in Stockholm, Sweden. DevSum is the largest, best and most fun .NET conference you’ll visit and always take place during spring in Stockholm. Next time will be in spring 2018.

At DevSum the focus is the latest trends and technologies in development from speakers in various fields such as .NET, Azure, Aurelia, Xamarin, ASP, IoT and Javascript. We believe that a large mix of speakers adds much to the event and the audience which is why we bring them in from all over the world. DevSum suits developers at different levels who want to get inspiration and practical tips and tricks that you can easily take with you to work the next day and actually use.


About the organizer

This .NET conference is organized by the training company Addskills Cornerstone Group AB. In March 2015 Addskills and Cornerstone, two of Sweden’s largest training companies has joined forces. In April 2016 Global Knowledge Sweden also joined the group. The company Addskills Cornerstone Group are now training thousands of IT-professionals in modern technologies such as .NET, Azure, Windows and VMware as one big force.