Jessica Engström

Being a geek shows in all parts of her life, whether it be organizing hackathons, running a user group and a podcast with her husband, game nights (retro or VR/MR) with friends, just catching the latest superhero movie or speaking internationally at conferences.

Her favorite topics are UX/UI, Mixed reality and other futuristic tech. She’s a Windows Development MVP. Together with her husband she runs a company called ”Azm dev” which is focused on HoloLens, Windows development, UX and teaching the same.

Session: The future is lazy 

Predicting the future is all about knowing your past. All through time we have invented things to make our life easier, to remove pain points or out of pure laziness. By automating tasks we made our lives easier. Today we have robots that vacuums and fold our laundry, we have fridges that tells us when to buy milk and can look up recipes. The gaming industry is one of the most popular right now, innovations about Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities. What is the next step for these products? Can history tell us something?

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