Irina Scurtu

Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, Software Architect, Microsoft Certified Trainer

I am a Software Architect, CTT+ technical trainer, Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies and Microsoft Certified Trainer, always in a quest for latest trends and best practices in architecture, .NET and the world around it.


I have more than 600 hours of delivered trainings, workshops and presentations, I lead a team of developers, being passionate about domain driven design and microservices with all their ups and down. I am the founder of DotNet Iasi User Group where I try to gather people that are willing to share their knowledge to others.


I’ve discovered my passion for presentation in 2017 and since then I’ve given talks at conferences and also inside my organisation where I held the role of internal technical trainer.

My Sessions

Beyond REST with GraphQL in .NET


We hear about GraphQL as being the coolest kid in town, developed by Facebook and loved by the front-end developers. With a REST API, you won’t need something else, but we all know that the apps consuming these APIs tend to suffer from overfetching and underfetching, and when we think about mobile apps, that is […]

.NET Web and Frontend