David Ström


David Ström is a Java developer and architect with a strong devotion to AI. David believes that machine learning algorithms can greatly enhance the value of software systems. As a dedicated developer, he is convinced anyone with the interest to learn can adopt the necessary skills and techniques needed to implement machine learning algorithms and use them in their current projects.


When David isn’t exploring AI functions, he’s probably working with his daytime job as a consultant at Callista, developing and designing solutions for various customers, or daydreaming of fidgeting with some AI stuff that is bound to change the world. Soon.

My Sessions

Machine learning on the Java platform


In Gartner’s list of top 10 strategic technology trends for 2019, they mention machine learning no less than three times. However, despite its perceived importance and the expected revolutionary effects on the IT and other industries, few IT professionals have had any practical experience with developing machine learning systems. In this session we’ll explore how […]

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