Workshop: Docker and Kubernetes for .NET Developers


Docker is a platform for running applications in lightweight units of compute called containers, and Kubernetes is an orchestrator for managing containers at scale. In this workshop you’ll learn all about building and running .NET Framework and .NET Core apps in Docker containers, how to make your Dockerized apps ready for production, and how to run and manage containers in Kubernetes.

Migrating your .NET apps to Docker is an easy way to power a cloud migration with no code changes, but it’s also a great starting point for decomposing complex and brittle monoliths. You’ll learn how to break features out of the monolith and run them in separate containers, using Docker and Kubernetes to plug everything together. You’ll see how to use containers to modernize your architecture and adopt new patterns and technologies without a full rewrite.

You’ll use Docker and Kubernetes on Windows Server and learn:

— how Docker containers work on Windows
— how to package existing .NET apps using Docker
— how to break features out from a monolith into separate containers
— using event publishing to modularize the back-end of your app
— using a reverse proxy to modularize the front end of your app
— how to add monitoring to your containers
— how to make your containers production ready
— how to run your apps at scale with an orchestrator
— using Docker Swarm in an all-Windows cluster
— using Kubernetes in a mixed Linux-Windows cluster
— how to run a full CI pipeline using Docker

22nd May 2019 in Kista – Book a 3 day ticket and join the workshop!