Teamwork – Playing Well with Others


When you were younger you may have had the experience of lining up to get picked for teams at school or in the park for a game. The kids who were really skilled at the game got picked first, and then the kids who could work well on a team or were popular came next. Either right or wrong, your adult work life isn’t all that much different than back then and almost all of us have to be on a team in which we have to work well with others.

There can be a lot of factors that go into being a team member, but this presentation will cover having good communication, not losing sight of the big picture and what to do if you get flagged as the team captain. There will be ideas and thoughts for all members of the team.

There will be all sorts of sessions that will help you increase your skills as a developer, come to this talk to learn how be an effective team player and make yourself a first draft pick at work.

People, teams and collaboration