Re-inventing Computing – The Challenges of Quantum Algorithms

Room C

We’re in the dawn of a new era in computing – Quantum Computing (QC), an approach based on the very spectacular and strange behavior of matter and energy governed by the laws of quantum physics. This amazing new direction promises the much-needed support for significant advancements in key areas like nitrogen fixation, carbon capture, materials science, and machine learning, to name just a few. There is a lot going on right now in QC with a lot of energy and money being invested by some of the largest players in IT.

Yet it’s not all straightforward and simple, and the promises are by no means certainties. Au contraire, the challenges posed by QC are monumental. They range from the physical building of quantum computers all the way to designing completely new and ground-breaking algorithms. The strange and counterintuitive behavior of quantum physics has a dramatic impact on the new kind of logic that we need to adopt to program quantum computers.

Join me in this session to explore the fascinating world of quantum algorithms. We’ll start with a brief introduction on QC and then we’ll discuss the challenges of coding in a world that is radically different from the one we’re used to.

Welcome to the strange and fascinating world of Quantum Computing!