Erlang for .NET developers


Erlang can seem a bit impenetrable at first glance, especially if you are just starting off in the world of functional programming. Not only is the language seemingly esoteric, but the libraries and build tools available can feel somewhat overwhelming when all you want to do is build a ‘hello world’ app. Well – if you’ve ever looked at Erlang from a distance and wondered what the fuss is all about, this talk is for you.

We will cover the absolute foundations of getting an application started and how the various aspects of that fit together, as well as real world topics such as package management and how the release toolchains work so that anybody attending this session would be able to leave and apply this knowledge straight away a the office – best of all, we’ll cover the material from a .NET standpoint and talk about these concepts in relation to their counterparts in the .NET ecosystem; this is a down to earth and practical session without heaps of functional prior knowledge being required.