Emerging AI patterns: Machine Learned Systems with Sight

Room A

How is AI, Computer vision, machine learning, and mixed reality designed into innovative software built on the latest and greatest emerging technical experiences?

Join Tim Huckaby in a session focused on the power of Computer Vision: Designing, developing, and putting interactive vision-based software systems into production.

This demo-heavy session will demonstrate and explain the components of computer vision like machine learning and demonstrate the use cases where computer vision solutions are happening. In addition, those coming in the immediate future. Moreover, speculate on the computer vision solutions of the future.

This session will explain how computer vision sits in a wide-ranging area of Artificial intelligence absorbed in Ambient Intelligence – Tracking people and objects in a physical space. In many ways this is using AI to both map a physical space and activity to a digital space, and then allowing actions on top of the digital graph.

This demo-heavy session will show you:
• A number of real interactive computer vision solutions in the realm of sensors & cameras and how they are built
• Mixed reality devices that produce interactive holographic experiences.
• The latest breakthroughs in Machine Learning models for computer vision