Pre-Conf Workshop: Full-stack C# Web Applications with Blazor with Roland Guijt

Kista May 27, 2020, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Roland Guijt

Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author, ASP.NET insider

It sounds like a dream: Using C# and .NET for both the server- and browser-part of your application. No more JavaScript. Because of the power of Web Assembly this becomes a reality.
You'll experience the advantages of this model in this session and you will know how to create an application using it. We'll take a look at both hosting models of Blazor using server-side rendering and client-side rendering. And we'll spend a lot of time at the core of Blazor: Creating components.
After attending this workshop you'll be ready to say goodbye to JavaScript and to write full-stack C# web applications!

Workshop plan:

  • Explain what Blazor is.
  • Explain the hosting models of Blazor.
  • Start with a basic component. Explore the code that is generated for it.
  •  Show that the class derives from ComponentBase
  •  Write a class that derives from ComponentBase and let the component derive from that.
  • Show partial classes as code-behind files
  •  Show that the Parameter attribute opens up properties in a component to the outside world.
  •  Briefly show one-way databinding to component properties
  •  Explain the different lifecycle methods that can be overridden.
  •  Two-way databinding HTML elements with @bind
  •  Using a more advanced component, show that in many cases just using @bind is not enough
  •  Show that two-way databinding can also work by manually handling events
  •  Introduce custom component events with EventCallback
  •  Use chained binds to two-way databind to properties of a custom component
  •  Propagating data to all components using Cascading values
  •  Show Attribute splatting, especially powerful when used in combination with cascading values
  •  Referencing components with @ref
  •  Show a basic templated component
  •  Apply generics to a templated component
  •  Restrict the generic parameter of a templated component to use the type in the template itself
System Development .NET and Visual Studio Microsoft Web Development

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