Pre-Conference Workshops

All of our workshops will be delivered at our training center in Kista on Wednesday the 7th June between 9 am and 5 pm.
All workshops include breakfast, lunch and coffee. 

We reserve the right to cancel pre-conference workshops that do not have the required amount of bookings.

A Day of Securing ASP.NET Core Applications and APIs – Brock Allen

Multi-platform, multi-client, and highly-mobile users bring a new set of challenges, so the approaches of the past are no longer appropriate for modern applications. This day-long workshop is your chance to dive into all things security related to these new technologies. Learn how to securely connect native and browser-based applications to your back-ends and integrate them with enterprise identity management systems as well as social identity providers and services.

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Angular From Zero To Hero – Tiberiu Covaci &
Jaime González García

Angular  is a complete overhaul of the most successful front-end framework of all time. Angular is back and it’s faster, better and meaner.

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Architecture with Agility – Kevlin Henney

This workshop day looks at the relationship between agile processes and good architecture, taking in development process models, architectural styles, requirements techniques, sufficient modelling techniques, design patterns and testing practices.

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Holographic Development with HoloLens – Lars Klint &
Jimmy Engström

HoloLens is a new groundbreaking mixed reality (MR) device from Microsoft that overlays 3d holograms in your physical space. It enhances the physical reality and lets you work with holographic environments that interact with your real world, unlocking endless possibilities.

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Practical Data Science with R – Matthew Renze

In this workshop, we’ll learn about the practice of data science, the R programming language, and how they can be used to transform data into actionable insight. In addition, we’ll learn how to transform and clean our data, create and interpret descriptive statistics, data visualizations, and statistical models. We’ll also learn how to handle Big Data, make predictions using machine learning algorithms, and deploy R to production.

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Pragmatic DDD: From Domain Modeling to Microservices – Dino Esposito

Domain-driven design (DDD) is too often mistaken for just having an object-oriented model that mimics the behavior of the business domain. Not that having such a model is wrong or out of place; it’s just that there’s much more than that in DDD.

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The Web vNext – A guide to modern effective web development, from TypeScript to ASP.NET Core and Azure – Robert Folkesson, Jakob Ehn and Peter Örneholm

During this day Robert Folkesson and Jakob Ehn will guide you through building an ASP.NET Core web application, using services in Microsoft Azure such as Web Apps, Storage and CDN. We will also use Visual Studio Team Services to build, package and deploy our web application to both test and production environments. We will mix presentations with hands-on labs, giving you a complete overview of what you should know to be able to build a modern web application.

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UI, API and Server Side – Beginner to Advanced in One Day – Chander Dhall

Are you building next-generation web apps? Do you want a framework that is faster than Node.js on I/O and computation both? Do you know the best practices while building RESTful APIs? Do you want scalability as well as performance? Everything you need to know about best practices from a beginner to an advanced level will be covered in this workshop (for UI, API and server side)

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Windows Containers and Docker: Now is the Time – Elton Stoneman

Windows Server 2016 is out with native support for Windows containers. Will application containers become the preferred delivery model? They surely will, and now is the time to be part of the revolution.

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