Workshop: Windows Containers and Docker: Now is the Time – Elton Stoneman

Windows Server 2016 is out with native support for Windows containers. Will application containers become the preferred delivery model? They surely will, and now is the time to be part of the revolution.

In this workshop you’ll learn why containerization is the next big thing in computing. You’ll pick up the technical skills you need to build and run solutions based on containers, but also explore the architectural benefits of a design based on Docker.

Starting from the beginning with some basic Windows containers, we’ll learn:

  • about container images and Docker
  • the difference between Windows and Linux containers
  • how to build Windows applications into containers
  • what container orchestration is and how it works
  • how to cluster many servers into a single Docker Swarm
  • where to find high quality software to drop into your solution
  • how to scale your solution up and down

By the end of the workshop you’ll be confident building and running complex applications as an orchestrated suite of containers, and you’ll understand why all eyes are on Docker.

Level: Beginner

Expected Audience: Developers and Ops people who work in the Microsoft stack and want to understand what you can really do with containers.


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